Let’s Escape To Downton Abbey With A Photo Tour

Some days you just need a good distraction. Today was one of those days. To cope, I decided to go through some more photos on my phone and came upon this group from the Downton Abbey exhibition that was in New York City a few years ago. Even though it’s not my usual time period, I still thought you might enjoy this walk back in time for a behind-the-scenes look at the sets and some of the costumes from that iconic television show. So pour yourself your favorite drink, and let’s take a brief photo tour together.

Let’s start downstairs in the servants’ area with Mrs. Patmore’s kitchen. Since I’m writing this while having lunch, it seemed like a good place to start. Can’t you just smell the roast cooking in the oven?

Next we’re on to the servants’ dining room for a bit of gossip and mending.

This is the bell board. A bell would ring each time someone pulled the bell pull in one of the rooms of the house to summon a servant. Can you imagine having to learn the sound of each of these bells to let you know what room you needed to go to?

Here we have a place fit for the butler of a large estate. This is Mr. Carson’s room.

And now, let’s head upstairs and out of the servants’ area. This is the formal dining room, an ideal place to entertain guests. I know. I think I’m obsessed with food at the moment. It’s already set for a lovely dinner, and look at those beautiful floral displays.

My favorite room in this exhibition was Lady Mary’s bedroom. I’m in love with those glamorous costumes!

Going through these photos of the sets from Downton Abbey brought back some good memories. I hope this little tour did the same for you.

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