A Regency Lady’s Walking Ensemble

A Regency Fashion Print from Observateur des Modes, c 1819-1823

During the Regency, ladies and gentlemen of the ton went to Hyde Park throughout the Season between the fashionable hours of 5:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon to see and be seen.  Wearing a fetching ensemble was one way to help a lady catch the eye of a potential suitor.  If all else failed, she could “accidentally” fall into the Serpentine.

Description under fashion print, translated from French to English:

“Straw bonnet has folettes and nodes of cornflowers.  Canezou [a type of Spencer] made of muslin.  Dress made of percale with ribbons and tulle.”

Source:  Observateur des Modes, No. 58, 1819-1823

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